9 to 5 PM Business Deliveries in SF County Only – Shipping starts at $150 Total

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Welcome to the San Francisco Beverages Wholesale Registration

Our wholesales beverage program is strictly limited for purchase by:

  • Businesses purchasing for employee consumption
  • Retailers that sell for on-premises consumption (restaurants, bars, etc.)
  • Retailers that sell for off-premises consumption (retail and grocery stores)

We do not do residential home deliveries.


Do you have a Seller's Permit*?

*PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT required to have a Seller's Permit, provided that beverages are for personal consumption and are distributed for free (for example, provided without charge to employees by a company). If this is the case, select "No". However, you will pay sales tax that is applied per case at check out. For customers who have a Seller's Permit, please click "Yes" and fill in the form. We will contact you to set your account up.

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